My Work

I look for the little moments, the everyday occurrences that one day you'll look back on and be nostalgic for. I love to document these. This is my why. This is my purpose. I want to preserve these moments, these memories, because that is what is most important to me.  I hate small talk and I am far more interested in connecting with people in a deeper way and finding out what makes you the person you are.  Whether I'm shooting concerts, portraits or behind-the- -scenes, I'm constantly searching for the moments that everyone else misses. The small details that make you feel like you were part of something special. Anyone can take a photo, I want to create and document something special for every client. 

My Life

I'm an observer, sensitive, reserved and funny when you least expect it.  I'm a Cancer, a creator, an empath and a single mom. I'm obsessed with turquoise jewelry, carne asada tacos and The Bee Gees.  Old neon signs, thunderstorms, building my vinyl collection and reading biographies are a few of my favorite things.